SendCryption File Transfer Security

Few things are as important today as internet security. Whether you are transferring sensitive documents or personal information, you want to know the data you are sending across the internet will be viewed only by the person you intend. SendCryption has you covered.

  • Password Protection Security

Oftentimes, password protection is the first and last line of defense needed to protect yourself. All SendCryption accounts allow each user to protect their account with a strong password. We always suggest the inclusion of numbers, letters and punctuation in an optimal password selection.

  • Upload and Download Transfer Security

All SendCryption uploads and Downloads are protected via 256-bit SSL encryption. SSL encrypts the data that you send, and incorporates a mechanism for detecting any alteration in transit, so that eavesdropping on or tampering with web traffic is virtually impossible. This is essential for safely transmitting highly confidential information.

  • On-Site File Encryption Security

Other services that claim to be secure file transfer services often do not offer encrypted file protection on the server unless the customer purchases one of their most expensive plans. This means that if those servers were compromised, everyting you've transferred would be wide open to whoever breached that server!

That is not the case with SendCryption. TRANSFERS ARE ALWAYS ENCRYPTED ON SENDCRYPTION'S SERVERS. SendCryption uses one of the most trusted and highly regarded encryption algorithms available. Our preferred algorithm has been selected by the U.S. National Institute of Standards (NIST) as the finalist for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

  • Access Code Security

Other services send an email to the receipint of a transfer with a link imbedded in the email. This makes OTHER SERVICES NO MORE SECURE THAN EMAIL. With SendCryption, the recipient of a transfer has to insert an Access Code that the sender has given them. Therefore, a SendCryption file transfer can never be accessed by an unwanted party, fully securing the entire tranfer process.



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