SendCryption FAQs

How much data can I transfer with SendCryption?

The SendCryption trial allows for 50 MB per transfer, and our plans range from 50 MB per transfer to 512 MB per transfer. Please feel free to review our plans by clicking on the Pricing tab above. If you have a special situation for your free trial and you need adjustments to the MB limit, please use the Contact Us tab above, and a representative will be happy to attend to your situation.

Does SendCryption charge support fees?

Absolutely not. SendCryption strives to give our customers industry-leading support without charging a thing.

Does the person I'm sending to need their own account?

No. You are free to send to whoever you like. Receiveing files from a SendCryption account holder (you, in this scenario) never costs the recipient.

How will I know if the person I sent to downloaded the file(s)?

After a recipient downloads a file, you will be sent an email informing you of that. You have the ability in SendCryption to turn this feature on and off whenever you like.

How soon after I've purchased will my account be activated?

Immediately. As soon as you finish your purchase, you can log in and begin using SendCryption!

If my recipient loses the email notification, do I have to resend the files?

No. You can simply resend the email by logging into SendCryption, going into your History, then Contact Details. You will see the option to resend email right there.

How long do files remain available to the recipient?

All files are available for download for 15 days after they are sent.

Can I access files that I've sent through SendCryption?

Yes, as long as they are active (15 days), you can download files that you have sent through SendCryption.

Does my annual fee auto-renew or will I be notified?

Your annual fee is set to auto-renew, but SendCryption will notify you before your renewal is due, at which time you may choose to continue or cancel service.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes, you can cancel whenever you like. However, no partial refunds will be issued for monthly or annual accounts. You may use SendCryption as much or as little as you choose, but usage is completely at the discretion of the customer, and no refunds will be offered for past non-use or early termination of the account. If you cancel the account, you will not receive any future charges, but you will not be entitled to any refund of past charges.














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